15 Minutes

English (Englisch)

And here it is, this is my big chance
Maybe it’s the last I’ll ever get
And if I make it, it will mean everything
But if I fail, I would rather be dead

Send me to the next round
Send me to the recall
I ran out of options
I’ve never had this much at all


Uhoho – I am ready to step out of the crowd
Uhoho – Even my mother will be proud

I wanna feel it, want to breathe it – How it’s like when everyone chears my name
I need it, I deserve it – I like to take part in this game
Want to have it, I deserve it – I want my 15 Minutes of fame

And here they come, ready to rate me
I promise to do what they want me to
So don’t deny me, cause I have got talent
And I’d kill to make my dreams come true

I know it’s a long way and that you are lonly at the top
But I will follow and I just don’t want to stop


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