As I leave

English (Englisch)
What’s wrong with me, because nothing seems to matter I can hardly breath, this life won’t get much better I feel so lost, jaded and uninspired I fell alone, my heart is sick, I’m tired I cannot sleep, all these questions troubling my head looked for a sense, but this search only made me sad There ain’t no hope, my inspiration did burn There ain’t no chance, reached the point of no return


I can’t see the sun no more – as I spread my arms to fly Never felt so low before – there is no need for you to cry Good advice I choose to ignore – don’t look for the reason why This is my last exit this is my way to say goodbye I’m locked outside, the world doesn’t seem to care My hands are tight, I am on my way to nowhere I’ve fallen deep, won’t see the sun again I have no faith, I’m just an ordinary man Everyday’s a torture, can’t think of a reason to move on The walls close in, there is no perspective to grow strong There is no sense, I’ve been searching it in vain There is no hope, want to start this life again


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