English (Englisch)

It happened today, when we were fighting about nothing again
But this time it was different, I pushed you too far and you just ran
You left your keys cause you wanted to show me that you won’t come back
And now it is too late to treasure the things that I had


I just want to say that I love you and I am looking for the day
When my heart finally feels okay

Two weeks went by, I still feel lonely and miserable
I have tried to forget you and to lock all these memories in a cell
But I still think about you, I wanted to know if my picture is in your purse
Why can’t I forget you and why is it getting worse

Some time went by and I felt better untill I met you again
You were not alone, you walked hand in hand with some other man
I did pretend not to see you and suddenly I knew what I really need
Like a fish out of water, a star without light I am simply incomplete


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