English (Englisch)

Now summer is here
The sun is shining on my head
Let’s drive until dawn
Make this a night we won’t forget
Now we’re on our way
And I am ready to ask you, if you love me, too
I’ve rehearsed my lines
But my mouth is dry I only stare at you

We are in my car, I can’t find the right words
So I hardly try to keep cool
My hands start to sweat, just want to leave somehow
Worst of all I act like a fool


(It’s like) I can’t swim but I still try
Need someone to save my life
(It’s like) I can’t swim I don’t know why
How do I get out alive
Help me to get out alive
Help me to get out alive
I need a lifeguard to survive

Now two weeks went by
Rain has been falling all the time
I have made a new plan
Tonight I’ll finally make you mine
We are in my room
I have put a record on the stereo
I try to kiss you, but I don’t know how this might go

As we’re sitting here, I start to tell these jokes
Actually they are not funny at all
What am I doing here, why can’t we turn back time
Instead I have to watch myself fall

Things turn out so bad, surely it drives me mad, ’cause my life is just the same
I deserve another chance, without ignorance, cause love is such a cruel game


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