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Anything but ordinary, no job from 9 to 5
Never wanted to die some day because of a boring life
Like everyone she aimed for money and for fame
Luckily she got a chance, now she’s here to entertain

Now she fulfils men’s wildest dreams
She’s having everything, this is how it seems


She is a pornstar and you know her face
You’ve seen all her movies and the plot does never change
She is a pornstar, but that’s alright with you
When there is nothing else to do
She is the pornstar you persue

Once again another day and another job has to be done
She can’t remember when it has stopped being fun
Another guy but still the same disgust and the same old doubt
She is wondering where the exit was, the exit to break out

She hides her feelings we can’t see
When we are watching her on DVD

Now she is thirty her bleached hair looks dirty
She sits at home, she has no friends
Lost all her money, nowadays life ain’t funny
Because no one cares about a girl in hot pants

Now take a look at her last show
Her final curtain fell long time ago


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