English (Englisch)


What has happened since yesterday, when everything was better
Please tell me what went wrong
What has changed since yesterday, in the end it doesn’t matter
Because today the feeling’s gone

Not sure about my feelings, but I don’t feel the way I should
And it has been a long time since the last time I’ve felt good
The reason is quite simple, though it is difficult to explain
We do not match each other, this is driving me insane

And now there is nothing more to say
And so I gave it all away
Although I hate to see you cry, but I can’t live a lie


To fall in love with you, it was just like living in a dream
But love turned into boredom and then became routine
I don’t know how this has happened, but heaven turned to hell
We have built a prison and to escape means farewell

And now there’s nothing more to do
And so I am going to leave you
Although I hate to see you cry
But, I can’t live a lie


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