You are not better

English (Englisch)
Your house, your boat, your fucking car Are all the things you talk about Your bragging is annoying me You are the opposite of cool You think you are the greatest one, You think you are the only one Making fun of everyone But you act like a fool Believe it or not but one day you’re alone Maybe you die drunk at home No one is with you, no one is on your side You know it admit that I’m right


You think you are better than me You are a person I never want to be I feel ashamed cause you are a wannabe You think you are better than me You are not better than me You never loose, you never fail The girls are all lying to your feet You have the coolest clothes And you are smarter than the rest I can’t belive you believe in this Well, I’m sorry that you’ll always miss To understand how good it is Sometimes to finish second best


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